Got an old gun that shoots rare ammo? The first difficulty encountered is usually the difficulty
of locating the ammunition. Today, the Internet has greatly reduced the difficulty of ‘finding
almost anything, from anywhere’ and the only requirement is a computer and the patience to
mount the search. The best place to start any Internet search for ammunition is at one of the
warehouse/clearing house sites listed below. These sites are perfectly capable of ending your
search soon or of providing manuals and information that will
get you started.
Thinking of building your own AR? The expression ‘building your own AR’ connotes a number of different
meanings primarily because, as a modular system, the AR platform presents several ‘build levels.’ The least
of these is the simple matter of picking the lower receiver you want, or can afford, finding the upper receiver
in the caliber and configuration you want, putting them together and pushing in the pins. Things can get more
complicated, of course, but they don’t have to.

Are all AR's created equal? No. But, there are some things you should know about just 'how
equal' they are. First of all, few companies build the AR's that bear their names...
from scratch.
less than one hand, the companies that actually forge and finish upper and lower recievers.
Here's the list...
The Advantages of Reloading: How to: The practice of reloading gives one several obvious and important
advantages over relying strictly on factory ammunition. The most obvious of these is that it saves money.
Another advantage the reloader has over others is that he can ‘tailor’ his loads to a particular rifle or pistol.
Furthermore, the reloader can tailor a load to a specific purpose. Long range shooters can push the
boundaries of pressure and velocity to get the best result at range. Hunters can obtain the best load for
their rifles under the exacting conditions which they hunt. Bench rest shooters can obtain the smallest
groups by tailoring a load to the gun they shoot. And those who wish to shoot undetected can tailor a
subsonic or reduced load to their needs. The ability to reuse brass, lead and other cartridge components
and to stretch out supplies by reducing loads is imperative for survivalists...
read more here.
How to get the most out of the .308 Winchester Cartridge: One cartridge stands out as arguably the most
versatile of them all—the venerable .308 Winchester. Every feasible action-type chambers it, virtually
every firearms manufacturer has built a firearm chambering it and virtually every ammunition manufac-
turer on the planet produces .308 Winchester ammunition. The cartridge can be reduced to imp the
ballistics of .22 long rifle, made to purr like a kitten with subsonic loads or induced to scream down
range achieving external ballistics of all but the fastest .30-06's. If you had to pick a cartridge that would
do everything in the confines of a light-weight, short reciever rifle, you could not do better than the .308
Read more here...
The Everything Gun: It was designed to be a smooth-bore, shoulder-fired weapon, to fire multiple
projectiles which separate to form a shot-pattern after leaving the bore to increase lethality by increasing the
chance of target impact. The concept has been around as long as the firearm itself. In some hunting circles
(on Safari, for example) its use on game is considered un-sportsman-like conduct. Its use in martial affairs
is legend and throughout its long history as an offensive and defensive instrument virtually every-thing has
been down its bore. There are anecdotes of pioneers (and pirates) loading shotguns with nails, pins, tacks,
and other handy items—even jewelry—for successful use against an opposing force. Legend has it that
Billy the Kid once used a shotgun loaded with a roll of dimes in an escape. True or not, today there is ample
evidence on YouTube of the use of improvised munitions, there being few rivals to the shotgun. Learn more
about the shotgun and its uses
How to dampen a muzzle report Legally without a suppressor.  The simplest description of an acoustic box
is that it is a box into which shooters insert the muzzle of a firearm for the purpose of containing and
dampening the muzzle blast. It acts along the same principle as a car muffler; it does not completely
suppress or ‘silence’ the sound but dampens and attenuates it by containing the pressure of the initial sound
wave and thereby adjusts, dampens or eliminates the acoustic signature of your shooting. There are many
ways for suppressing sound and many reasons for doing so. To learn more
go to...
How to catch bullets: “Catching bullets” is by no means a new concept. Historically, there have been many
reasons for having done so, with as many means of doing it. Simply put, the necessity to catch or repel
bullets has developed alongside firearm technology since the musket ball started the race between the
advancement of plate armor and firearms technology in the early 15th century. Today, the need to catch
bullets is even more pervasive in light of modern politics. Read more about how it's done and why
How to shoot in secret: In addition to the pressures of an ever changing political climate, particularly the
growing disdain for firearms among those in power, there is a proportionate rise in the interest for
shooting. Along with these trends there is another directly proportional phenomenon--a growing shortage
of places to shoot. Public ranges are being closed. Private ranges are just as exclusive as ever and
commercial ranges are getting pricier and pricier under the burden of rising costs and burdensome
regulations. Even if you own a nice retreat with plenty of room out in the country it may not afford you
the carefree shooting you want, without unwanted attention from the neighbors and law enforcement. But,
what if you could shoot all you want without that undue attention...
here's how....
How to survive a worst case scenario: For a no-nonsense, practical discussion of emergency
preparedness and tactics to keep the family safe, go to the
TEOTWAWKI page. It contains tips,
articles and links -- without the usual 'run-to-the-hills' swill.
How to reload spent primers: Reloaders often ask if it is possible to reload used
primers. The answer is 'yes.' In fact there are many ways to do it--some of them
easier than others, all of them labor-intensive. To find out more,
go here. Judge for
yourself if it is worth it.
Can smokeless casings be reloaded with black powder? Can a center fire cartridge system be
muzzle-loaded? What components from one cartridge can be used to load another? How hard is it to make
a homemade bullet mold? Such questions are essential to anyone faced with ammunition shortages, bans
and/or production interruptions from an assortment of causes. Find out more about these and other
questions on the '
Retro Page.'
Ever been asked this question: what's the best caliber for...? If you are a retailer the answer may reside
in the stock you need to move. If you are in the market for a firearm, it is a simple matter to educate
yourself on the ballistic capabilities of various calibers and choose according to your needs. Begin your
journey into ballistics
Ordinarily, the word 'tactics' is associated only with Close Quarters Combat, Defensive Tactics and
other martial subjects. But, in general, it refers to the methodology used in a number of pursuits.
Among these are hunting, self-defense, home defense, survival, economic strategies and many others in
addition to offensive combat strategies. Link to virtually every aspect of tactics and strategies for
shooters on
The Tactics Page.
There is an indelible link between the military and civilian police and law enforcement because
both the people who serve in them and the methods employed by them are the same. A large
percentage of those who go into law enforcement were first trained in the military and much of
what they learned has carried over into law inforcement affairs and tactics. That said, these
services serve different purviews and have different authorities. See how they are alike, how
they are different and what the military and law enforcement have learned through experience
that may benefit civilians. Go to the
Military Page for live links, news and articles on shooting
and tactics.