About Us

Universal Shooter Website

This website is intended to offer shooters information about where to find what they want to know about every conceivable aspect
of shooting. It provides links to websites, information sources, and commercial sites that provide the shooter's every need,  posts
articles of interest, and provides trouble shooting solutions and tips. The site will link to books and news sources of interest to
shooters. It will also host the
Universal Shooter series available at Amazon-Kindle.

Universal Shooter is a series of illustrated articles and pamphlets intended to explore the universal aspects of the subject named in
the installment title. It is an informational series aimed at new and veteran shooters, to give them ideas for stretching the potential
of firearms, calibers, field craft, and equipment, with emphasis on field expedient methodology that allows the shooter to continue
shooting under a wide variety of circumstances. The series covers the use of tools and methods unknown to those new to the
shooting art and which may be of interest to long practitioners of the sport, with emphasis on survival strategies.