While the internet dominates the world today and one can find most any tidbit of information he wants if he's the patience to look
far and wide enough, books still prevail as valuable sources of information, much of which has not been transcribed to the digital
realm yet. That makes those books that have not been transcripted a valuable commodity for two important reasons--they contain
information not otherwise available and they are collectible.

Below, you will find book titles, both collectible and modern, along with information on where to find them if that information is
available to
Universal Shooter. We will be adding to the list from time to time, so, keep checking.


Books are collectible for a number of reasons--because they contain needed information, because they are rare first editions or
signed and dated, out-of-print, or have some nostalgic or historic value. Books no longer in print are often found in used book
stores, antique shops, at flea markets, library sales and garage sales. More often than not, the seller has no idea of the book's
value--particularly if it is on a subject of special interest, 'reloading' for example--and they can be purchased for pennies.  

Below, find a list of books of special interest to shooters and sportsmen, collected under various subtitles.

Keep a sharp eye out for these titles:

Ideal Reloading Handbook (any year) by John Barlow

The Lyman Ideal Handbook (any volume)

The Cast Bullet Handbook (any year/volume)

Shotshell Reloading Handbook

Pistol & Revolver Handbook

Black Powder Handbook

Reloading and Equipment books and magazines by Belding & Mull

The Complete Guide to Handloading by Philip B. Sharpe (1937)

Why Not Load Your Own? by Col. Townsend Whelen (1957)

Booklets published (esp. circa 1950's/introduced by Jack O'Connor) by Vernon Speer [100 pages+]

Handbook for Shooters and Reloaders by P.O. Ackley (1956 and later)  

Reloading pamphlets and books by Bruce Hodgdon (1946 to present); especially the No. 26 (1992) introduced by Layne Simpson  

Hornady Reloading Manuals (any edition) by Joyce Hornady  

The Sierra Reloading Manual (1971 to present)  

The Nosler Reloading Manual by John Nosler (1976 to present)

See also: "Evolution of the Reloading Manual" by Layne Simpson.
Guns & Ammo, Vol. 11, Nov. 2013, pp. 18-22.

Any book, pamphlet or brochure by these authors: Accurate, Alliant, Barnes, Berger, Hodgdon, Lee, Lyman, Norma, Nosler, Sierra,
Speer, Swift, or VihtaVuori; Massad Ayoob, Craig Boddington, Wiley Clapp, Jeff Cooper, Ian V. Hogg, Elmer Keith, Jack
O'Connor, John Plaster, Patrick Sweeney, Horace Kephart, and Edward S. Farrow.

Find them here:  



Books by Massad F. Ayoob    

Books by Craig Boddington

Books by Wiley Clapp  

Books by Jeff Cooper

http:// cooper book  

Books by Ian V. Hogg

Books by Elmer Keith


Books by Jack O'Connor


Books by John Plaster     

Books by Patrick Sweeney  



http://  (esp. Mountain Scouting: A Handbook for Officers and
Soldiers on the Frontiers.
Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2000. [Originally published in New York, 1881, by Ed Farrow]).

Where to find Books of Special Interest

Universal Shooter by S. A. Roach available at   

JAVELIN PRESS. P. O. Box 31G, Ignacio, Colorado 81137. Obscure editions on very select topics.
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